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Geletka+ Adds Technology and Design Muscle + Promotes Account Management Talent From Within 

This is how we roll.

CHICAGO IL, Feb 3 — Geletka+, Chicago’s fast-growing creative collaboration agency located in the West Loop, today announced the addition of two new team members: Developer Doug Lienen and Designer Austin Bond. Doug and Austin join Geletka+ during an aggressive growth period for the company where development and modern design talent matter most to our clients. 

“Hiring top talent has always been important to the success of Geletka+, but more than that, people who want to work together to change the way agencies deliver great work, together with our clients” said John Geletka, founder and Chief Experience Officer at Geletka+.  

Doug Lienen brings a unique combination of audio design, website development and education to the firm.  Over the past 15 years, Doug has been finding new ways to use technology to bring ideas to reality.  Whether that’s mastering audio for local musicians, building an internet radio site for Weird Radio  or helping teach new developers at  General Assembly.

“I’m stoked to be a part of Geletka+,” said Doug Lienen. “This team’s commitment to each other, their work and their clients is unmatched. They don’t just talk about great culture, they actively work to make it. ” 

Designer Austin Bond joins the team at Geletka+ from Kendall College of Art & Design. As a creative, he blends his talents in graphic design and photography with his interests in music and clothing design.

“It has been quite a journey to get to this point,” said Austin Bond “But I’m incredibly excited to be a part of the Geletka+ team. Being surrounded by a team of people that have backgrounds in multiple mediums is only going to lead to more innovative, and creative ways of operating, and I’m incredibly proud to be a part of that.”

“I’m excited to see the fresh perspective that Austin brings to our team,” said Senior Designer, Sabrina Siegel. “He’s going to be a strong asset and great collaborator as we push forward.”

Geletka+ is growing fast as a result of their talent – the people and the work. And they’re diving into new spaces in blockchain gaming, NFTs, cybersecurity while building on their CPG and manufacturing roots. That requires people who arent afraid to learn, grow and push each other. 

In the spirit of people who aren’t afraid to grow, the company  has promoted Alexa Heitzman to Account Manager.  Alexa joined Geletka+ in early 2020 and has excelled at building relationships and growing current clients. 

“Alexa’s creative thinking, strong communication and commitment to delivering the work  has built trust and helped to position Geletka+ for the future,” said John Geletka, “It’s as important to grow from within as it is externally.”

About Geletka+
Geletka+ is a Chicago-based, creative-driven collaboration agency with a focus on new and emerging methods of delivering experiences across channels to build brands, empower consumers, and create art that doesn’t waste people’s time. We’re not throwing away the traditional agency model, but we’re working to make it a little better by removing layers of process, being open about partners, and using data as a tool, not CYA. Geletka+ makes content, experiences, films, poems, books, stories and digital products together with our clients and partners. We work with brands that believe in great design and value outcomes over billable hours. Learn more at

Written by John Geletka on February 3, 2022




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