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Geletka+ Welcomes Alex Gaudieri To Our Team

CHICAGO (June 16, 2020) – Geletka +,  Chicago’s fast growing creative agency, today announced Alex Gaudieri has joined the agency as Director, Business Development. Alex brings over 17 years of  experience, having worked in the feature film, network television, and advertising industries. His focus is connecting Geletka+ with and growing clients who value modern storytelling, creative, collaboration and business results. 

“Bringing on a media production and client relationship expert like Alex to the agency is the next logical step in building a modern offering” said John Geletka, Founder and Chief Experience Officer. “We’ve known Alex for quite a while. We like his work. We like his thinking. We like what he brings to clients. So it is with great joy that we bring him onto the team to help build our agency.”

“It’s beyond exciting to now be a part of the Geletka+ team,” said Gaudieri. “Honestly, it’s based on the exact kind of model I’ve always wanted to see in this industry. One that’s  designed and developed to meet the very distinct challenges that advertising and communication arts face today.  People want messaging and tools that don’t suck. That entertain. Engage. Something they’ll enjoy. Combine that with real UX, tech and great design chops and our clients will always win.”

Alex has worked with selected commercial clients: FIFA World Cup, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Groupon, Honda,, AT&T, Best Buy, and Six Flags. 

In addition to offering nimble solutions to all aspects of creative, brand, digital marketing, research, analytics and design, Geletka+ now offers modern storytelling solutions:

  • Broadcast Creative 
  • Social Video
  • Studio Production

Alex, welcome to the team!

About Geletka+

Geletka+ is a Chicago-based, creative-driven collaboration agency with a focus on new and emerging methods of delivering experiences across channels to build brands, empower consumers, and create art that doesn’t waste people’s time. We’re not throwing away the traditional agency model, but we’re working to make it little better by removing layers of process, being open about partners, and using data as a tool, not CYA. Geletka+ makes content, experiences, films, poems, books, stories and digital products together with our clients and partners. We work with brands who believe in great design and value outcomes over billable hours. Learn more at

Written by John Geletka on June 16, 2020




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