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After Just Two Years In Business, Geletka+ Continues to Expand Operations. Literally.

Amanie Safadi joins Geletka+ as Manager of Project Operations.

CHICAGO (September 20, 2021) – Geletka+, Chicago’s fast-growing collaborative creative agency, announced today that Amanie Safadi has joined the team as a Project Operations Manager. Amanie’s drive to dive into all things digital is the perfect fit for this flexible role that will grow with the agency.. Amanie has spent three years in the mid-size agency space managing projects, people and producing all the digital content a human can imagine. 

“After one week with Amanie on the team, we can already sense a difference in the way we work,” said John Geletka, Founder and Chief Experience Officer of Geletka+. “Amanie’s skill set and background will bring Geletka+ to the next level as an agency. 


“I started off my career in game design — which tends to surprise a lot of people,” said Safadi. “But once I figured out I liked planning, producing, and people more than doing the work, I had to reevaluate. I love that I get to tap into all my favorite things, and with the blank slate Geletka+ has given me to run with, I can’t wait to see where we go.”

Geletka+ is officially 2 years old and growing to become one of Chicago’s leading collaborative creative agencies. 

We can’t wait to see where Amanie takes us in year 3.

Amanie, welcome to the team!

About Geletka+
Geletka+ is a Chicago-based, creative-driven collaboration agency with a focus on new and emerging methods of delivering experiences across channels to build brands, empower consumers, and create art that doesn’t waste people’s time. We’re not throwing away the traditional agency model, but we’re working to make it a little better by removing layers of process, being open about partners, and using data as a tool, not CYA. Geletka+ makes content, experiences, films, poems, books, stories and digital products together with our clients and partners. We work with brands that believe in great design and value outcomes over billable hours. Learn more at

Written by John Geletka on September 21, 2021




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