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We've partnered with Algolia

Algolia partnership continues commitment to world-class experience design

CHICAGO, September 9, 2020 Chicago-based Geletka+, an independent, collaborative creative agency, has entered into a new partnership with Algolia, one of the most innovative search-as-a-service companies on the market. 

From their humble beginnings as a startup in 2012 to where they are now, Algolia has built a reputation in the IT and Marketing Technology industry for making search functions sexy.

We love this product because it offers a powerful out-of the box technology with the ability to scale fast to an enterprise solution,” said John Geletka, founder of Geletka+. “With so many of our clients moving to eCommerce we knew we had to partner with Agolia.

As part of our digital transformation and advanced tech solutions offering, Algolia allows Geletka+ to deliver  modern eCommerce,  enterprise search and advanced asset management  with ease. 


About Geletka+
Geletka+ is a Chicago-based, creative-driven collaboration agency with a focus on new and emerging methods of delivering experiences across channels to build brands, empower consumers, and create art that doesn’t waste people’s time. We’re not throwing away the traditional agency model, but we’re working to make it little better by removing layers of process, being open about partners, and using data as a tool, not CYA. Geletka+ makes content, experiences, films, poems, books, stories and digital products together with our clients and partners. We work with brands who believe in great design and value outcomes over billable hours.


About Algolia
Algolia is a developer-friendly search engine for database objects. They market themselves as being the building blocks for creating the user experience your clients expect. Algolia started in 2012 as a mobile SDK. When their clients started asking for a hosted search product, they delivered! Since their shift from mobile to web, Algolia has risen as a leader in the IT industry.

Written by John Geletka on September 9, 2020




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