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We're hiring a Creative Lead - Copy

JOB SUMMARY: Creative Lead – Copy 

We’re looking for a Creative Lead – Copy who wants to make work that moves people. Moves people towards real conversations they actually want to have with a brand. Because advertising is not a dirty word. It’s a connection. A conversation that goes both ways. 

This role is part writing, part thinking strategically, and, part craft–whatever it takes and to push the idea as far as we can. It’s also a working role where you’ll have the opportunity to be part of a team as a Copy Lead,  and to be an individual contributor on the work itself. Our goal is to get the best work to market. We never settle, but we always ship. 

Ideally, our candidate will  have 3+ years as a Copy Writer. You will need a good book of work, a love for the business and a belief that the agency mold is evolving. 

If you thrive in a fast-paced environment, care about the execution as much as the idea and want to deliver the best work of your career, please apply.


Deliver Hard Working Creative. 

  • Strong conceptual skills and a solid knowledge of the digital landscape
  • Polished client presentation skills demonstrating a clear vision of how the work addresses the client challenge
  • Ability to lead by example and mentor younger creatives in their development
  • Desire to work collaboratively as part of a larger team in a fast-paced environment
  • Three years of experience in an agency setting


  • Strong organizational skills
  • A collaborative spirit
  • A strong portfolio
  • Some SAAS or comparable technology  experience preferred
  • Top-notch communication skills
  • Command of writing mechanics
  • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience preferred


Let’s get right to the point. There are a lot of great agencies out there with amazing people who do great work. We like to think we’re one of them, and a bit more. But what sets us apart are our values. We live and breathe for each other and for the work. If you join us you’ll see we believe:

  • Action > Intention
  • Learn each day
  • Say F* off to CYA
  • Own your greatness
  • Find yes
  • Agility

And of course, because we’re an agency working for some of the best clients around, you’ll hear “no slacking” a lot, not because we want you to bill more, but  because we want to push each other and the work so we can keep working with  the best.

Finally, we hire for aptitude. If you don’t check every experience box on this, don’t be afraid to apply. The right mindset and alignment on values will get you way further in any role, including this one. Just be willing to push.  


We love you guys and you’re an important part of our industry, but right now at our current company lifestage, we need to try to pull from our network. As we grow though, that will change(it always does) and then we’ll work together to build amazing talent.  Just a heads up if we’re slow to respond.

Written by John Geletka on August 8, 2022




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